Fusion Body Art & FX - Petal Palette Fairy Collection

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You can create anything with these vibrant palettes.

Use a flat brush to pick up some or all of the colors in a fun stroke to create fast and easy designs. You can also use a full-sized sponge to pick up all of the colors!

This palette includes 6 Fusion one strokes 10 grams each: Leanne's Vivid Rainbow, Bella Rose, Bella Luna, Emerald Garden, Leanne's Tiger Lilly and Pink Pixie.

And 3 base blenders at 25 grams each : Leanne's Bubblegum Princess, Summer Days XL, Beach Bab

Each one Stroke is removable which makes it easier to hold while painting, easier to clean, and refillable if you run out. 

Not Tested on Animals, Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free, Perfume Free and Paraben Free


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