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The wallet can hold 48 brushes, one per loop. Each brush is held on by a long elastic loop that is open at the top to make it easy to insert your brush and closed at the bottom so they don't fall out.

To keep the brush wallet rigid and protect the brushes in the bottom row you must use the top row. The brushes in the top row keep the wallet flat during storage. You must also tent the wallet sufficiently so that it stands up and stays up. Not opening it wide enough could lead to it tipping over. 

The area of the wallet that is in contact with the tip of the brushes on the top row is protected by a clear pocket that is super easy to clean so that your brush wallet looks always clean. The area of the wallet that is contact with the tip of your brushes on the bottom row is made from polyester making it super easy to clean as well.

When you close your wallet the brushes are protected form each other by a thick nylon fabric divider.

The wallet comes with breathing holes so air can go through it when closed, allowing your brushes to air dry even when the wallet is closed (we still recommend letting your brushes fully dry before storing them long term inside your wallet).

The outer front side of the wallet comes with a business card holder that you can use to keep a business card with all of your information. In case you lose your wallet this should help people return it to you.

Once the wallet is open the back of it features two large clear pockets that can be used to store stencils, business cards or even a QR code that customers can scan to obtain your business information.

Each row can also hold stencils inside the long black nylon pockets.

The wallet comes with a draw string that can be adjusted from the back, once opened, to make the base wider or narrower based on your table size.

The bag is made from a teal glittery PU leather (synthetic vegan leather). Kids will love the shiny glittery look. When opened, the wallet features a nylon interior with a black PU leather layer in between each row of brushes and elastic loops to hold each brush. PU leather is more fragile than oxford or canvas, so handle with care.

17" tall, 8" wide and 1/2" thick when closed and empty. It can hold 48 brushes (one per loop). Once folded open, the wallet is 8.5" tall, 16" wide and 6" at the base.

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